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Say Hi to Lead Hub, a management system for LinkedIn activities in your organization

After several years of operation we have set up the dedicated Lead Hub system to support any blind spots that should arise within the organization.
  • Activity tracking – An executive and user-friendly dashboard that allows accurate tracking during the extent of the campaign.
  • Results Orientation- Get lead reports and lead quality.
  • Information retention – Business relationships do not disappear along with the team changes, but are maintained by Lead Hub.
  • Accessible business information - Your business information is presented in an accessible way that allows you to locate and access your target audiences directly.
  • Lead Hub allows you to manage a large number of campaigns, and offer options to improve an organization's ability to market and generate quality leads against competitors and senior audiences.

Our Linkedin Services

Our platform opens up avenues that you have only ever dreamed of accessing. Cross the threshold to success! Enter conferences, gain admission to global markets, and widen your contact network, Meet new associates and gain entry into any company or organisation that you have ever wanted to partner with!
100% specialization and in-depth knowledge and experience with the LinkedIn platform.
100% B2B marketing and executives.
14 years of experience in the industry.
Experienced, profound and professional experts in the technology sector, both locally and internationally.
  • 01.
    Advanced LinkedIn Marketing As Webbee Digital’s mission to succeed in advanced LinkedIn marketing, a manual OUTREACH campaign was developed. The campaign offers technological support, accompanied by accurate statistics and a dedicated infallible management system for developing and managing LinkedIn campaigns. Your campaign will begin with profile characterizations and definitions of desired positions, industries, company sizes and countries. Included in the campaign is a focus on building BRAND AWARENESS, while formulating business relationships, which will continue to deliver hot leads and connections by our expert team, who manages the daily on-going activities.
  • 02.
    Boost Registration for conferences Don’t waste time! Kick into high gear and boost your prospects immediately- order for the distribution and registration of participants for your conferences, so that the contact you make with your clients and potential partners will be focused and targeted. Speak directly to your functionaries and target audience. Don’t worry about losing your data! All information is optimized and stored in a customized management system that allows free access to calls and statistics that include conversions.
  • 03.
    Creating Target audience database As simple as it sounds. We know how to bring you a list of your potential clientele and target audiences, while including information on the industry, company size, company name, target position contact, email and more. This is achieved through characterization and informatics combined with automation and merging of public databases. In a matter of days We will provide you with a list that can open new markets for you.
  • 04.
    New Services Validation / products in the marketDo you have a new product or service that you have developed? Are you considering developing your product and already have a well defined target audience? What if you had 50 feedbacks from your potential customers! This is exactly what we do. We will assist you in distributing a new product, offer, or MVP that you have created. That Will allow You to receive feedback on your product or service, directly from the job holders who are going to purchase or use it! All this is done in a short time- saving you months of market research and potential wasted costs.

LinkedIn Campaign Setup

Characterization of the activity
Setting of goal, process, messages and accurate pitch
Defining target audiences
According to position,company,industry, company size and more
Improving the personal profile
Review of profile and creating concrete recommendations for improvement
Launching the LinkedIn Campaign
Approval of various campaign parts and launching the activity

Ongoing Campaign Management

Creating Business Connections

Sending connection requests to relevant people (carefully selected)

Personal Inquiries To Generate Leads

Sending out a personal message to your contacts on LinkedIn

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

Manager's daily monitoring on performance, results and other needs

Review and summary of daily leads

Manually go through all the responses, filter and send the relevant ones

Optimization Report and Scaling

Preparation and submission of periodic report, continuous improvement and expansion


"increase our qualified leads pipeline, enabling us to grow in these challenging Corona times. Today they are an important part of our sales process”

Udi Solomon
CEO & Co-Founder ShieldIOT

It's a pleasure working with Daniel. Full of ideas and very flexible. LinkedIn campaigns are tricky and are different in every industry, he understood that and makes it work. Thank you Daniel

Stéphanie Sarah Leblanc
Business Development Director

Professional, focus to the point person. Daniel has a great business understanding and knows how to connect your business sales and marketing needs to real lead generation, qualified and as defined for who is a potential customer.

Eyal arbel

We at Michmas Electronics have worked with Webbee Digital for over a year. Straight from the get-go, we have received top-notch service that has exceeded, and continues to exceed our expectations. We received a comprehensive explanation about the process so that there were no confusions. The staff is attentive and professional when providing service. The results we received were positive and in particular we love the “improvement graph”. Everything is done in a manner that is transparent and fair. Recommended.

Benny Netzer
CEO at Michmas Electronics

Dear Daniel,Half a year ago we started a process together, whose main purpose was to increase the lead quota in order to bring in more sales. A process of repeated accuracy and control- your product is nothing short of amazing! My business has turned around. You took me from searching for leads, to a situation where we are flooded with leads! It has even become difficult for us to contain the quantity. What's more, the leads were of high quality – this meant that each lead had a professional and relevant reference. Daniel - Thank you, especially for the process that you introduced us to, for the repeated control, the meticulousness and the accuracy of your work throughout the entire process. I also really appreciate the fact that it was also important for Aviram, the CEO, to be a partner and advisor while on our journey to success.

Efi Goldman

Webbee is carrying out a targeted marketing project for us through LinkedIn. As part of the project, we were exposed to a professional team that is well acquainted with the platform. The team exposed us to hundreds of organizations and allowed us to generate leads that we would not otherwise have reached.

Yoav Hornik
CEO of SMARTSOFT of the Yael Group

I highly recommend working with Webbee Digital. They are highly professional, and it shows through their hard work and dedication. They are good, friendly and pleasant people who are fun to work with. You feel as if you are in good hands- in every way.

Liran Meir Frenkel
Head of Marketing , Liran Meir Frenkel

Our organization works with Webbee's company on several projects simultaneously and in diverse fields and in each of them we experience excellent results! Through the activity we were able to significantly increase the amount of accurate leads for our activities. Working with Webbee’s team is very pleasant, attentive and professional service! I highly recommend using the company's services for anyone interested in working to find leads effectively.

Liron Hadar
Director of International Communications, Export Institute

In preparation for the HLS & CYBER 2020 conference, which took place in mid-September, I became acquainted with Webbee Digital at the end of July, , following a recommendation from another employee in my workplace, that explained that the system works and that I should give it a try as well. After a conversation with Daniel, we agreed on a campaign of about a month and a half on LinkedIn in order to bring senior and relevant foreign guests to the field of the event, and we started working. The process itself was great and the staff was responsive and service-minded throughout our collaboration , as well as leading to great results compared to the cost, so much so that we added another profile during the work and doubled them. I highly recommend the service to anyone who wants to improve their work on social media and does not have the time / knowledge to deal with it.

Alon Shachak
Director of Homeland Security, Cyber, Aviation and Space at the Export Institute

About Us

For over 14 years, we have been living, breathing and diving to greater depths than has ever been explored before in the digital advanced marketing world. We have seen it all (Or most …), Technology giants have risen and fallen and technologies are continuously shining and fading away. In the last half decade, we have invested our efforts and energies into becoming the leading company in Israel for advanced marketing on LinkedIn. We have a team of twelve Champions, who make sure things GET DONE. We are proud to work with the leading Companies, Start-ups and enterprises around the world, to assist them in entering new markets , create product exposure, and be at the forefront of the field. Driven by success, we are imbued with a passion for excellence and knowledge. Our motto is UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER, that keeps us in touch with the ground. Our main goal is achieving operational and valued excellence.

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